Sunday, June 18, 2006

4 miles logged on Saturday, swimming today

I'm up to 4 miles!

I'll stay here for a week and then run 5 next week, and then if the knee is all better, I'll be able to join my teammates in really pulling out the stops and training.

Jackie and I want to run a 5-miler, July 15th's Dash and Splash, but I just realized (duh) that I will probably have Team in Training training that day -- yikes/maybe not? If I do, Jaxx, I promise we'll reschedule.

In cross-training news, I went swimming today at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Long Island. I was in the pool all morning, swimming laps for part of the time and trying (unsuccessfully) to dunk my brother Dan for the rest. It was great exercise and I even got a little bit of a tan.

Side note: my cousin Jen told me that I look "really cut." Wahoo! I would like to thank the marathon gods for my brand-new athletic look -- just in time for summer!

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