Monday, May 21, 2007

Sicilians stole my poncho

I got off my (much delayed) flight from Rome to Catania, Sicily (via low-cost airline WindJet) to find that my luggage had been sorted through.

The baggage handlers had taken two small carabiners and, bizarrely, my poncho. I also thought that they had stolen my Claritin. My suspicion that they had seen it, thought it was a real drug, and taken it for experimentation purposes. I bumped into a few Americans, and we laughed about it, imagining stupid, thieving baggage handlers snorting my allergy meds.

Then, a few hours later, after badmouthing the baggage handlers to everyone within earshot, I found the Claritin in my carry-on.


But that still doesn't excuse the theft of the carabiners, and my poncho. Why would they want some rock-climbing equipment and a plastic raincoat? This country is a mystery to me.

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