Monday, June 04, 2007

Sull'Uomo Italiano

Okay, so admittedly, it is hard NOT to look good when you are dressed in head-to-toe Armani, have a tan, and are stepping out of an illegally-parked Alfa Romeo, but I can't help noticing the male of the species here. There's something about a man in a suit and sunglasses.

I've met a couple of them, and they are not pushy, but when they find out that I have an American boyfriend, they always say things like: "Before you die, you must have an Italian boyfriend." I always laugh and say that I'll put it on my To Do list.

It's the phrasing that strikes me as so funny. "Before I die." It makes me wonder if it's the kind of thing I can fit in when I'm 90. Just as some adventurous grandmas (probably German) make the news going skydiving for the first time at 95, maybe I'll have an Italian boyfriend then.

Will he still call me things like "Belissima Sirena?" Will he still try to take me on absolutely terrifying motorino rides? Will he still dress Business Casual just to go to the grocery store? A woman can only hope.

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