Friday, May 30, 2008


Life at Sloan has been understandably busy the past year -- whether it's been meeting people, participating in recruiting, social activities, clubs, Senate, volunteering, or -- hey, remember those? -- classes, I've had little time for self-observation.

Happily, though, now I have a great internship at a small software company in Seattle, and I'm psyched to explore the city.

I arrived on Tuesday night, and so far, it's been a lot of GSD: laundry, getting groceries, finishing up my financial aid, obtaining a badass Seattle-rock hairdo...but today, I hope to be done with all that and on to writing my FB app/researching the projects I'll start when work begins on Monday.

PS -- There are over 1,400 of us interns, but only 63 MBAs, and there are tons of activities to do. I'm looking forward to a full schedule this summer. Watch this space for news!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun in Seattle! I heard it is awesome!