Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Add Peroxide, Subtract IQ

You may find this next post naive, but I seriously thought we were living in a post-stereotype world in which all of our old cultural assumptions had been examined, found to be vapid, and were discarded. So I recently had an experience that caught me by surprise.

I dyed my hair blonde. I thought it was going to be fun. It caused an immediate reaction among the male population of Boston.

None of the men I knew recognized me -- and that included both my boyfriend and my ops professor. The campus gossip rag said the men were twittering about me and called me "a young Sharon Stone." Thanks, guys!

Now we get to the nasty part. I recently moved to Seattle, and the BF and I are working at the same company. People will talk to him about his job for a moment, then turn to me and say "and where do you work?"

They also seem to think that I'm stupid. I know because they tend to seem totally shocked when I say anything about computers or world politics, or you know, just use a word containing more than 3 syllables. I've never had a similar experience. It is annoying.

So, to sum up: dye your hair blonde and expect +5 hotness, -30 perceived IQ. I have a newfound respect for blonde chicks.


Anonymous said...

so are you going to change the color?

Andrea Sharfin said...

I may go red.

Anonymous said...