Monday, June 23, 2008

Excerpts from David Sedaris' Diary

I went to see David Sedaris speak and promote his new book at the Eliot Bay Book Co. Although the show sold out, I was surprised at how under-packed it was.

I remember in New York when everyone was reading Me Talk Pretty One Day and a David Sedaris speaking event--especially a free one-- would probably have caused a riot among the horn-rimmed-glasses crowd. I imagine many sharp elbows and first-edition paper cuts.

ANYWAY. An indie bookstore basement packed with 50 other rabid fans isn't a bad place to see your favorite living author speak. Plus, we were lucky enough to get some unpublished material (see below), which are actually snippets from the author's diary. We were forbidden from taking pictures, but no one said anything about voice recordings.

The quality is not so great, especially at the beginning, but hold on. It got better once I figured out how to use the mike on my Bberry. Hopefully, amateurish as it is, this clip will give you some idea of the experience, which was pretty kick*ss.

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