Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A happy ending +'s not what you think!

On Sunday, the BF and I took a canning and pickling class at Culinary Communion, a cute little learning center in a somewhat-sketchy nabe.

The class was on Pickling and Canning, and the BF and I got slotted in to actually make pickles. Fun!

Anyway, we followed the recipe exactly, and were rewarded in our efforts with jars of pickles that everyone oohed and ahhed over.

But soon, the teacher came over and pointed out something...unusual about our pickles.

"Why are these blue?" she asked.

Blue? We looked at them. The BF looked at me. "They are" He said.

The BF is colorblind. They were turquoise.

We were sad, but the teacher took pity on us and let us take the least-blue of our pathetic little creations home. Plus, we got to drink a lot of really terrific wine with the dinner that culinary communion made for us, and I ate my weight in lemon curd, so we ended up happy little oinkers.

UPDATE: Although the cooking class was mostly an unmitigated disaster, I am proud to report that the pickles we made and took home are now back to a normal green. PLUS, the cap to the jar has inverted, meaning that they are safe to eat. HOORAY! I'm still calling CC tomorrow just to make ABSOLUTELY sure, and then we're going to serve them at our next BBQ.

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