Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am suddenly outdoorsy

I had a pretty amazing time this weekend -- I really feel like I'm seeing a lot of what Seattle has to offer.

1st: I went Kayaking on Thursday with a bunch of other MBA interns (including the BF).

Lake Union is absolutely gorgeous, and we paddled around looking at houseboats, dipping out hands into the water, and watching the seaplanes take off and land over our heads.

Next up: a Police/Elvis Costello show at The Gorge.

8 of us drove out there, stopping on the way to swim in the Gorge (Mookie went swimming, too), and before setting up camp at this gorgeous amphitheater.

The concert was okay, but the real experience was camping out with a whole bunch of people under a night sky filled with a million billion trillion stars (shout out to my little cousin's band here).

We did get busted by campground security: 6 people slipping out of the darkness, wholly unnoticed until they cautioned us for starting a woodfire or something similar--unnoticed, despite the fact that they were a small crowd wearing bright yellow shirts. After we were surprised for the second time, one of my co-campers said: "Seriously? They're like ninjas!"

The weirdest experience was actually loving kayaking and loving camping. I never used to be so into nature. I guess I'm just in love with life...and maybe some of it's rubbing off on other activities (but still not on Wall-E).

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