Thursday, January 08, 2009

Monkeys stole my snacks

One thing about living in Nairobi that I didn't expect: pests include random feral cats and...MONKEYS.

My team came home yesterday to find that someone (we assumed the staff) had eaten all of our bananas and even cheekily left a peel on the counter. We were a little offended and considered mentioning it to the administration.

When later, we came home to find a feral cat streaking through our house, we began to consider other alternatives. Could a cat have hauled away a pound of bananas? They were small. But peeling one? It doesn't even have opposate thumbs, Greg (Meet the Parents, anyone?).

It all became clear in the morning when Susan discovered a GIANT MONKEY crouched on the windowsill of our kitchen, just waiting for us to leave.

We reported the incident to the front desk, who tried (ineffectively) to conceal its obvious belief that we were HUGE IDIOTS. Trying to explain that monkeys were not an expected pest didn't exactly win us any perceived IQ points, so we scooted off to work and vowed to lock the windows.

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Anonymous said...

reminds me of Joey's " night of horror"