Monday, January 19, 2009

Mountain Biking at the Gate of Hell

While the Latin portion (+Kelly) of the Sloanies in Nairobi went on Safari by balloon and car this weekend, the Ugly Americans terrorized a National Park.

Tamara, Susan, Shrinu, Keith, "Marathon" Rob Ware, Parag and I went out to Hell's Gate for some mountain biking and a hike. The mountain biking was pretty low-key -- all on a road. The only significant obstacles were the occaisional sand pit, zebra, baboon, and the rear hub on Parag's crappy rented bike. It died on the trip home, which wasn't so much of a hassle as it was an excuse for Marathon Rob to take his shirt off.

The hike was super-fun. We walked through a dried-up stream-bed, jumped off rocks, showered in a hot spring (my first stand-up shower since getting to Nairobi, thanks to British plumbing and a lack of a shower curtain), picked up a chameleon and one of us had her face painted like a Masai warrior. All-in-all: a perfect afternoon!

Here's a pic of the park for you.

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