Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Life happens"

Team Delta was a little shocked to come in 4th at this year's Ericsson case competition. After 24 hours of honing our story, churning out slides and valuations and presenting it to 6 judges, we were told by many people--some of them judges!--that we were among 2 teams in the running for the top spot.

Some people associated with the competition seemed embarrassed about the outcome. When we were called up for 4th prize, someone in the crowd loudly said: "What??" The case author came over to us and told us: "This is not how I expected it to go, but life happens." An Ericsson exec told us: "Your presentation was too perfect. Ericsson doesn't like that." Well, I guess, what are people going to say?

As disappointed as we are, we're happy for the winning team. We're tough competition and they obviously rocked it out. Congrats to everyone that participated, especially my Microsoft peeps!! It was great seeing everyone.

Deltas out...

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