Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spain: The final frontier

Woohoo! I go to Spain today!! I've gone before, but I've been hearing about it so much from Inaki that it feels like I earned something. I'm so excited to meet his family and lifelong friends, to see the town where he grew up, and to check out Valencia's annual celebration, Las Fallas.

It's kind of like the Burning Man of Spain, but minus hippies and drugs, and plus traditional Spanish garb, food, and firecrackers! YEAHHHHH my kind of party.

Tomorrow, we're going to Las Mascletas with the local government. We're going to set off firecrackers and schmooze: both things I like!

After that, we're going to an event I'm calling The SuperBull...a bullfighting festival featuring the "best bullfighter of 30, 40 years in Spain," according to the Yak. It has a Spanish name, but I just get a kick out of calling it my own.

I've been to Spain before, but not like this. It should be amazing. Check for updates soon!!

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