Monday, March 09, 2009

Where to spend your stimulus check

Blow it all on headbands!! Just kidding...

I came to shopping late in life. Before the age of 29, I preferred to spend my hard-earned cash on things and food. Granted, I lived in Manhattan and ate only processed foods of Italian provenance, fresh seafood and exotic fruit, but I was basically playing the ant.

Well, now that the survival of our economy depends upon a positive outlook and a spending spree, I am here to serve my country. All my money this year is going to student debt repayment, but here's where I'd spend your cash in Boston.

  • koo de kir. Ignore the beyond-awful website. Just go to the store at 65 Chestnut Street in Beacon Hill and try to decide between the gorgeous chairs, pillows, and everything else that this smart little store has on offer

  • crush. Following in the becrapulous footsteps of kdk, crush's website is down. SIGH. You're just going to have to trust me on this one. This store has the most adorable dresses, and the costume jewelry to go along with them. Highly recommended by every chic girl I know.
  • holiday. KMS -- another site that doesn't work. Most of holiday's stuff is overpriced, but they do have their own shop line of custom-made dresses that are, unbelievably, cheaper than their ready-to-wear goods. Go, have yourself a raw silk dress made just for you, and feel like a haute couture lady.

Gifts and Accessories
  • boutique fabulous. I can't believe that I have a store this great in my neighborhood, but here it is, just a few blocks from me. Showcasing local designers at relatively inexpensive prices, boutique fabulous is, according to the Yelp reviews: "Where Audrey Hepburn would shop." Need I say more?
  • moxie. A huge (and slightly overpriced) shoe selection swarms the front of this boutique. But the real gem in the accessories and jewelry they keep in the somewhat cluttered back. The headbands above are from moxie, as well as a ton of sweet small-brand designer sunglasses.

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