Friday, May 01, 2009

Today's frighteningly accurate Facebook Quiz result

Since I have totally run out of even moderately-interesting things to say, and because I love taking those dumb FB quizzes, I've decided to start a regular feature where I get a quiz result and comment on it.

Today's edition: "What Classic Disney Movie Best Describes Your Life?"

Because why shouldn't my life be completely circumscribed by populist children's movies?

Your life is best described by the movie Dumbo. Many people try to bring you down by making fun of things that are unique about you. You don't let them get you down though. You use your unique qualities to soar high above them and to make a difference in the world.

Sure, that seems accurate in the way that tarot card readings are accurate. It's vague enough, and has a positive-in-the-end message. And because Dumbo the elephant made such a difference in his movie world! Curing sick children, dissolving the then-significant circus caste system in which faceless roustabouts labored in the rain for pay they made to throw away, and proving to the world that big ears don't make you a loser if you can use them to fly and rain a storm of peanut bullets on your mother's tormentors.

Eat it, witches!!

I don't think any further comment is necessary.

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