Monday, June 29, 2009

Curioser and curioser

I was talking with a friend last night about the ups and downs of getting an MBA. It's pushing the reset button on your career, which can be refreshing, but you're also pushing the reset button on your life.

Without going through too much detail, all of our lives have changed pretty drastically in the past two years. We had plenty of marriages in my class. Plenty of babies, too, and some divorces, unfortunately. We moved to Boston from all over the world, travelled together in little packs, and now are redistributing ourselves again.

But I wonder: for people like we are, people who love to travel, love to learn, who are, refined to our quintessence, there really rest for us?

Leaving school feels like a change from the temporary to the permanent, but I have the feeling there will be a few more pushes of that reset button in one way or another before we finally all shake out. Until then, let's coat the globe, a spice ground fine, an exotic species even in our homes, and enjoy that life for what it is.

See you at next year's reunion, Sloanies.

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