Monday, June 17, 2013

Let's Give Lyft a Big Hand

Have you tried Lyft? It's basically a cab service run by normal people driving their own cars. The cars are clean, the drivers are nice people who don't drive like lunatics, and they come on time! It's also a lot cheaper than its main competitor, Uber, and a lot more reliable than cab service.

As an extra bonus, they have a great customer service department.

On June 5th, I took two Lyfts and managed to leave my keys in one of them. Have you ever left anything in a cab? Unless the person who takes the cab after you manages to contact you and pays for the driver to return  your stuff, you're SOL.

But I crossed my fingers that Lyft was different, and sent them an email (see the thread below). Even though I got the name of one of my drivers wrong, within a day, I had my keys back!

Just so you know, I tipped Meghan an extra $20 via PayPal. She drives for a living and returning my keys probably cost her some business in the short-term, so she deserved some extra love.

Fist-bumps to all the Lyfties out there. No surprise that you guys managed to raise a $60MM round. Way to go.

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Anonymous said...

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