Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Maybe our waitress could use some practice

I went to our second practice of the season on Tuesday (5/16). It was good, but I had to bust out of work early to get new shoes.

My old shoes, the saintly Sauconys quit on me (okay, they quit on me like 6 months ago, but I just can't let go).

Adieu, my beloved.

So I was forced to get new shoes at Urban Athletics before practice.

I have never had a shoe-buying experience like this. They watched me run and picked out shoes that would help me with my pronation problem (I pronate? Who knew?). I also scored a free pair of socks.

Apparently, my pronation problem was bigger than we thought. My knee had been kind of hurting, and by the time I went twice around the reservoir (another 3.5ish miles), my whole left leg was consumed by pain.

I did my stretches and called my wonderfully understanding father, who is an orthopedist in Florida. I interrupted him in the middle of dinner and demanded on an over-the-phone diagnosis. When he didn't provide one ("I can't know what's wrong if I can't examine you. You should see a doctor in New York...where you live."), I limped lamely over to eat dinner with the girls on my team at Big City Bar & Grill.

We were the only people in there and it took them FOREVER to serve us. Luckily, the company was great and I had bought a box of Teddy Grahams on the way over (I am a notorious pre-eater -- I have no patience), so I had a blast and wasn't all that hungry anyway.

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