Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Woo hoo 1st practice

I went out with my friend Jen on Friday to celebrate her engagement/b-day, and she picked a place with dollar beers. DOLLAR BEERS.

I mean, I have to wake up the next morning at 6am to walk Mookie (my dog) and start training for a marathon. I can't be running around guzzling 8 Coors Lights and stuffing my face with chili pepper covered pizza until god-knows-what-time-at-night, right?

Right. So I was aggressively hungover and stinky when I showed up for practice. I got lost because I hadn't called my mentor (after she had left 2 voicemail messages for me -- I'm sorry, Lara!) and I had no idea where we were meeting.

Everyone else looked great. The girls on my team seemed cool, if somewhat intimidating. One told me she was running a 5K the next DAY (which she since has done -- powergirl!). The great thing was that everyone was so psyched to be there, even though it was butt-ass early. It got me motivated and I ran two lower loops in Central Park -- that's about 3.5 miles.

This after not running for...oh...ten years.

I was so excited that I called everyone I knew to try to get them to go out to breakfast with me. They were all asleep, so I called my (sleeping) brother and told him that he was going out with me. When he said no, I berated him for being lazy for about 10 minutes before walking home and passing out while everybody called me back and left me voicemails and texts. He was nice enough to chalk it up to Runner's High. Thanks, Dan!

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