Saturday, May 26, 2007

Interesting foods of the Mediterranean, plus, Dos and Don'ts

Planning to add Palermo to your next itinerary? Here, in the first installation of a semi-regular blog feature on whatever place I happen to be in, are some tips for eating and avoiding death\dismemberment.

Foods to Try
  • watermelon gelato brioche (the best ice cream sandwich EVER)
  • pastries at Catflisch (lunch under the umbrellas in the courtyard with the chic crowd also not to be missed)
  • grouper ravioli with lobster sauce (no explanation necessary)


  • Bring sunscreen from home. The olive complexions of native italians offer them superior protection from the Sicilian sun, but little imports like me are rendered radioactive when not coated in SPF 50. BYO or be prepared to shell out €30 for this tourist "luxury."


  • take guidebook advice and buy the donuts vendors sell on the beach. They're no different in flavor or texture than store-bought ones, and sugar- and sand-coated donuts look unfortunately similar


Dori said...

It;s hard to properly bring sunblock from home when they don't allow liquids in normal size containers on airplanes! Or did they change that rule?

Andrea Sharfin said...

I just bought the plastic-wrapped stuff from targte and shoved it in my checked luggag. Then you just have to hope that the checke luggage arrives (not a given in Italy)