Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mondello, and an update on the €25 can of tuna

Mondello made me realize why some gems are called "aquamarine." Yes, there IS water this color. Wealthy Palermans sought it out and boxed it in with gorgeous, tree-stuffed neighborhoods like delle Palme, the network of villas with high walls, elegant architecture, and an incoincidentally large population of bicycle riders and patissieres.

It's the sort of place you and your family summer in if your life goes very, very right (if you're using the word "summer" as a verb, that's probably another sign). For those of us whom life is merely going moderately right, it's a really beautiful and relaxing place to get a tan.

Okay, tuna time! I saw a smaller can of the same brand for an equivalent price at the Duty Free store, of all places. Shockingly, it appears that I got a good deal.

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