Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wipeout: I am jealous of the contestants

Okay, so I invited a few friends over to watch the Japanese game show rip-off Wipe-out on ABC last night.

We missed the first 20 minutes we couldn't figure out which channel was ABC, okay? COME ON--when was the last time anyone under 60 watched ABC? It's not fair!


It's basically the funniest show ever, with poor production values and people getting dumped on their butts by bizarre machines.

I was psyched that the robot uprising was finally underway, as that book I bought in 2005 cost me $5.95, which is like a thousand bucks or something in today's crappy dollars.

But my friend Diego and I couldn't help but feel cheated watching the contestants get shoved down giant log flumes on greased innertubes in a Vegas-style fireworks explosion that the commercials call "the ultimate obstacle course." And they can win $50k!

Dammit, how is this worth $50k?? *I* want to go on the ultimate obstacle course, and I would pay good money for it, too (Diego and I agreed that $100 seemed fair, especially since there was someone filming it). It's not like it's Fear Factor and someone's going to make you eat a cow eyeball. Have our reality TV standards fallen so far?

I briefly considered going out for the show, but since I have this new aversion to doing things that shame my parents, I decided against. But I'll watch and make comments next week! Come by if you know where my apartment is and bring wine. (Call first).

Clip from the show below for your enjoyment!

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