Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Food for the lazy shopper

Having learned how to cook has made me extremely lazy about buying groceries. The fact is, there's probably always something lying around your place that you can make into food.

Case in point: Today, the BF and I decide on take-out. He's in training for a marathon, so he goes out for an hour-long run. I have some work to do, so the job of locating delivery is mine. His only criteria: "surprise me!"

The problem: Seattle has no delivery restaurants!! Or at least, very few in the downtown area that deliver after 5pm and are not Thai (our fall-back and therefore, not a surprise).

So, I check out the pantry. We have a package of whole-wheat pasta (ugh), frozen peas, some aging garlic stalks and basil, 4 lemons, salt, olive oil and cream cheese. I present to you: A recipe that is actually good:

Andrea's Faux-Alfredo

Cooking time: approx. 1/2 hour

Boil a couple handfuls of crappygross pasta that you bought on a health kick in salty water.

At the same time, defrost like 3 cups of peas in the microwave.

While that is going on, line a large pan with olive oil and put on medium flame. Slice garlic and garlic stalks and toss in. When garlic stalks turn bright green, whisk in cream cheese as best you can (it will clump).

Take off fire and add water until a cream-like consistency is reached. Add defrosted frozen peas and mix to coat.

When pasta is al dente, take off flame and dump into colander (which should be in the sink). Run cold water over pasta.

Put sauce in pot you just cooked pasta in. Heat a little, then add pasta & stir. Put about a tablespoon of salt on the whole thing.

Then chop up whatever basil you can salvage with scissors (for some reason, the basil flavor goes away if you cut it with a knife. Take pasta off heat and mix in basil.

Cut a lemon in half and squirt a little juice over dinner. Use the rest to make lemonade.

When boyfriend arrives at home, try to pass sauce off as old family recipe (note: this will not work).


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