Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gawker eats its own tail

What is going on with Gawker lately? Back in 2003...maybe 2004, Gawker was actually a semi-reputable news site; a place to turn for some kind of analysis of the news, the tabloid crap, and just the daily weirdness of living in NYC.

That was back when Choire Sicha and Jessica Coen ruled. And don't even make me think about the saintly, long-gone Elizabeth Spiers. She was funny and made me want to write more.

Now, Emily Gould, creator of the awesome but also-dead Universal Review, starts some name-calling on her personal blog, which spills over into the official blog...and oh who gives a rat's *ss anymore?

RIP, Gawker. To commemorate your death in appropriately self-referential style, I'll put up the pic you ran of me at that gang-themed Halloween party in 2005.

Holy crap. That had to be the weirdest party I've ever been to, and that's saying something.

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