Sunday, July 06, 2008

Whidby Island B&B

I got back yesterday from an amazing weekend in the Olympic Peninsula with the BF.

Washington is a terrain microcosm. There are beaches, mountains, rain forests, would be heaven...if only there were also sun!

We spent part of the weekend at Delphinium House on gorgeous, sleepy little Whidby Island. DH is run by Bridgit Smith, her partner Robert, and Robert's affectionate Llewelyn Setter, Lindy.

Bridget is a bit of exotica in the Whidby Island area. The daughter of British linguists, she grew up in Scotland and England and has decorated her home with photos of her parents and grandparents in Malaysia and Russia. She's an interesting lady with a lot of cool stories, and she makes a mean spinach omelette.

I recommend a stop by for anyone in the area.

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